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Franchise Packages

Franchise Packages

At eDivert we offer 3 franchise packages - Basic, Accelerator and Elite. All our franchise packages include an initial training program, a set of marketing materials and ongoing support for the life of your franchise. By being part of the eDivert team and part of our wider network, our franchise allows you to start earning from an early stage.

Find below more details about what is included in each of our franchise packages:

*This is a unique email marketing system tailored to your business. It will send out marketing materials to your prospects on a regular basis, helping you to receive regular enquiries and leads.1,000 contacts usually results into approximately £30,000 of turnover per annum.

eDivert are accredited by the British Franchise Association (the BFA):


The eDivert Franchise Network works in partnership with Lloyds Bank

Financial assistance to support franchisees may be available from Lloyds Bank, subject to status.