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Success Stories

Rebecca Orme - eDivert - profile pic

Rebecca – our franchisee in Kent

Rebecca started her eDivert franchise in January 2019. Her first customer came on board with her within weeks of her setting up her business. The eDivert franchise has been the perfect solution for her to combine being her own boss with looking after her 2 young children.

‘I started my own eDivert business because I wanted something I could grow at my own pace, that would fit around my children and family life. But also, the hard work I put in I would get the benefits from rather than working hard for someone else and making them money.

I chose eDivert as they were very helpful with any information I needed and flexible and I could see how I could grow my business through them,’ says Rebecca.

Rob – our franchisee in Lichfield

Rob started his eDivert franchise in June 2019. After a career in customer service for big corporates he wanted to take the step to being his own boss. Based near Birmingham Rob is in the process of growing his business to an office with a team, so he can manage his business on a higher level, rather than be involved in the day-to-day operations.

To the question Why did you join the eDivert franchise, he answered: ‘This type of franchise suits the business direction I wanted to go in. A franchise has learned from the mistakes I would make if I was to go it alone and eDivert adds the support and additional resource that I will need in order to take time off at certain times of the year.


Sharna – our franchisee in Ipswich

Sharna started her franchise just before the pandemic in February 2020. Her eDivert business means that she has been able to combine her home working with the home-schooling of her daughters without any problems. From early on she was able to pick up work from head office and received sales leads from head office to help her grow her business.

Stewart – our franchisee in Chichester

Stewart has worked in senior sales roles for the majority of his career but had reached the point where he wanted to cut back on travelling. The pandemic handed him an opportunity by way of redundancy and Stewart grasped it with both hands and started looking at the possibility of becoming a franchisee.

“eDivert stood out for me because it was really the only franchise which allowed me to utilise my existing skillset and benefit from an existing business model” he explains. “I didn’t want my business acumen to go to waste but I wanted a better quality of life after being on the road for years.”

Stewart took eDivert’s Business Accelerator package, which entitled him to a ‘press-and-go’ marketing campaign and business networking membership. He wanted a better lifestyle while still retaining a ‘bread-winning’ income and eDivert has delivered exactly that.

The accelerator package is expected to achieve a monthly turnover of over £2,500 within the first 6 months and Stewart exceeded this, despite being in the middle of lockdown.

Tori Woods - photo

Tori – our franchisee in Rochdale

Tori joined eDivert in November 2020. She felt the eDivert franchise was the perfect fit for her. A few years ago, Tori ended up in a wheelchair as a result of an illness. She was able to go back to work and did so, as soon as this was possible. The corona-virus pandemic meant that her company had to make cuts and unfortunately Tori was made redundant. She saw this as an opportunity to finally do what she really wanted to do, running her own business.

‘The capability to run my eDivert business mostly from home is convenient for me with my wheelchair and my home being adapted.

The support and inter-working between franchisees is great, as well as the amount of support available from head office. The fact that you are putting as much into making my franchise a success as I am is fantastic,’ says Tori.